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Gateway to Glacier National Park 
Your retreat awaits...
The Lake Five Resort offers tranquility hard to find in today's fast paced world. Just three miles west of the western entrance to Glacier National Park and less than a mile off Highway 2, this secluded cabin, RV and campground arrangement provides an alternative to more crowded Glacier Park campgrounds.
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Stay with us while you explore Montana

Some guests stay at Lake Five for a night or a week. Some stay for months at a time. Quite a few call it home.

The Lake Five Resort has been providing a casual spot to folks from Montana and America, Canada and the world for a hundred years and running.

News for 2022 - We are not making waves!
Due to shoreline erosion from boat wave action we are no longer hosting wake boats at our property.  We thank our patrons for their cooperation and understanding as we work together to reduce our impact and preserve Lake Five for future generations.
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Fun on and off the grounds

Swimming, fishing and sunbathing have always been great reasons for visiting Lake Five, the site of Retiro Cabins and eventual Lake Five Resort. Motor boating came along in the 1950's with surfboards, then skis and water sports evolved. Beyond our grounds, Glacier Park is four miles away. Glacier Golf coarse only is five miles away. Other options run from an amazing fun center,  and Big Sky Waterslides to zip lines and the unique House of Mystery. Activities include white water rafting, trail riding on horseback, bicycling and hiking in Glacier Park.



Things To Do

Fun is right outside our property or right outside your door. Water temperatures 10 degrees warmer than lakes in the Park make for the best swimming in Montana and bathing in the sun ranks high as well. Just like from the start.


The Lake Five Resort has 11 cabins. Six are lake front featuring kitchens and bathrooms with two or three beds. Five one-bed cabins are close to the lake, three of them have bathrooms and one has a kitchen.

About Us

The Lake Five Resort was originally introduced to Montana's summertime recreationists in the early 1920's, operated under the name Retiro Cabins. James H. Ridenour and his wife, Oni Maude filed on a homestead on the shore of Lake Five in 1915.