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This page is fluid - changing all the time.

Real estate appraisers united

DabAllDay - Defunct

Leviathan Consulting (Defunct)

Anastasia Marie Laboratories (eCommerce)

Kittenvidio (For Sale)

Lake Five Resort - New Site (Finished)

Living Energy Studio - New Site w/ Store, Forums, Comments, Blog, Gallery, 3D Walk-thru Gallery, multi-artist support, slide-show, etc. (Starving artist - Currently down.)

Living Energy Studio (Finished, Now Defunct)

Living Energy Studio - Store (Finished, now defunct)

Pulsifer Investments Annuity - Scrape (Finished - Defunct)
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Pulsifer Investments - Annuity Output (Finished)

PI SEO Project Management Suite (For Sale!)
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PI (For Sale)
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Lake Five Resort (Old site, Finished, now defunct)

Carpe Diem Partners short sales (Sold)
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Companion Parrot Site - This is not the site I built. I built which is now off-line. It was an on-line eMagazine subscription, store, forum, and newsletter site featuring over 400 products, quarterly eMagazines, reminders, and an email spammer. She doesn't pay her bills. I'll probably sell this site.

Centennial Credit Corporation (Sold)

Last Great American Land Grab (Sold)

America's Loan Modifications Blog (Old)

America's Loan Modifcations

ALM - Landing Page (Sold)

Rocky Mountain Bird Club (Sold)

Create Your Own Refi Boom (Sold)

Sleep Eez Blog

Sleep Eez Site (Sold)

Consumer Credit Builders Alliance (Sold)

Ascent Home Loans

Loan Modifications (Sold)

Oregon Trails Jerky (Sold)

Denver Wholesale Florists (Alive!)

Vinci Law Firm - (AUDIO, Beware)

Inland Container

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida (Old)


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